You have just gotten involved in the biggest deal of the year, but it is presenting some unusual challenges and you are faced with complex contract language you have never seen before.  Maybe you are dealing with a difficult faculty member who disagrees with your position on an issue, and you could use some advice, and perhaps backup.
Or you are fortunate to have a great deal in negotiation, but the negotiations are stuck, and the deal may fall apart.

You can call a local attorney, but how many do you know who have 35 years of licensing and technology transfer experience both inside and outside of a university?  How many attorneys or consultants in your area are expert technology transfer professionals who can step in and help with negotiations?  And how much will their services cost at standard hourly rates? 

Wouldn’t it be great if every technology transfer office had the experience and capability of the largest most experienced offices? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have such an experienced professional right in your office?  Well now you can.  Our EXPERT IN-HOUSE service is a unique service which provides the benefit of having an expert technology transfer professional or an expert intellectual property transaction attorney in your own office for a fraction of the cost. 

a low fixed monthly fee, you can have an unlimited number of calls.  You can choose a limited number of hours, or opt for unlimited time.  All for a low monthly fee.   In addition, when you need advice and services beyond a simple telephone call or language clause review, you have available all the expertise you need at a discounted hourly rate that is much lower than you would otherwise expect to pay.

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